Education System in San Marino - An Overview

The Constitution of San Marino makes compulsory arrangements for Education of children. Primary Education meant for children in the age group 6 to 14 years is compulsory. The adult literacy rate in San Marino is 98%. The teaching program in San Marino is based on curricula followed in neighboring Italy, and the certificates awarded by San Marinese schools are recognized by Italy.  Children go through five years of Primary Education followed by three years of Secondary Education at the first stage and a further five years of Higher Secondary and Pre- University Education.

In 1997, there were 14 elementary schools, with 1,170 students and 221 teachers. In the same year, there were 1,192 students enrolled in different middle and upper Secondary Schools. There are also Vocational Training Schools and a Technical Institute in San Marino. San Marinese students attend University after successful completion of Secondary Education in San Marino, neighboring Italy and in different other countries abroad.
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